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Student of Technology in Cartography, 5 semester.

Oscar Julián Muñoz Cabrera

Residence address: Calle 8 # 10-52


Phone: 3133009809


  Electronics Technician

Course 5 semester of Technology in Cartography at the University of Cundinamarca

  1 semesters of environmental engineering at the National Open and Distance University

Work experience

Position: Dealer

Name of the company: Santa Martha Drugstore

Period worked: 01-12-2017 until 08-03-2018


Knowledge in Electronics, AutoCAD, GIS tools, such as ArcGis, Open Street Map, Qgis.


My name is Oscar Julián Muñoz Cabrera, I was born on July 19, 1997 in La Plata-Huila, my parents are Edwin Andrey Muñoz and María Doris Cabrera, I am the second of 3 brothers Yulieth Cabrera who is 30 years old and Sergio Muñoz who has 10 I live in Silvania Cundinamarca with my aunt Luz Dary and my cousins ​​Luisa and Felipe.I finished my primary and secondary studies at the Huila Silver School in San Sebastian where I graduated as a technician in Electronics with a good academic performance; When I left 11th grade to study a degree, I went to the city of Popayán Cauca to take a pre-university course to enter the University of Cauca to study Environmental Engineering, I did not manage to pass and returned to my town in La Plata Huila where I began to study Environmental Engineering at the National Open and Distance University, where he studies a semester. Then I came to Silvania to present myself at the University of Cundinamarca in Fusagasugá not far from Silvania, where at the moment I am finishing my career.I intend to finish my Cartography career to continue my studies as an engineer in Topography or Environmental Engineering.


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